Here at All American Vapor,
we take great pride in serving our customers needs.

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We constantly strive to take care of you,
and many of our products carry a warranty.

What is covered?

All of our Batteries, APVs, and Mods come with a minimum of 30-day Manufacturer’s warranty.

This warranty covers Manufacturer’s defects. i.e. – device won’t charge, device won’t turn on, device won’t operate tank.

What is not covered?

Tanks, however are considered consumable items, and therefore do not carry any warranties; except in the case of DOA.

However, we realize that the tank you purchase is a vital part of your unit.

For that reason, if you purchase a tank from us, we’ll take special care to fully explain how it works and the care that should be taken to maintain it.

E-liquids are also considered consumable items.

If you purchase e-liquid from us and it has NOT been opened and has NOT left the store, you may exchange it for another item.

Once e-liquid has left the store (regardless of whether it is unopened or not), we unfortunately cannot accept any returns or exchanges.

Please let any one of our friendly staff know if you have any questions concerning the use of any of our products.